Drupal 6 + Ubercart 2.4 : Display all orders in Order History


Our online store doesn't have real time stock online due to integrated software with POS doesn't finish yet. So, we allow customer to place an order, then, contact them back if we really have those items in stock. We also keep those items waiting for them to pay. The problem is that, many times, customer that placed an order with us just don't want to pay at that time. They ignore it until we cancel that order. Then, they place another order a week later or so. That would be ok if it happens a couple times.

How to install Memcached on CentOS + Memcached PECL (Update : 2011.03.22)


From previous HOW TO - http://www.bxtra.net/Articles/2010-04-27/How-install-Memcached-CentOS-DirectAdmin-installed-Memcached-PECL   I just think that I should note an update how to install Memcached so that I, myself, can follow the steps here and get the latest version. The steps are almost exactly to my previous Memcached PECL installed. Only a few changes to install an updated version.

Get Libevent which is require to install Memcached. Their homepage is here -> http://www.monkey.org/~provos/libevent/

Install Apache Solr on Drupal + CentOS


1. Install Java SDK using below command :

yum install java-1.6*

2. Download Apache Solr module from Drupal server. (Do it as you normally do with Drupal)

3. Then, get "SolrPhpClient" and put it under Apache Solr module directory. The directory name must be "SolrPhpClient".

[HOW-TO] Prevent Hotlink in Drupal 6 + Nginx - 2nd Method


After tried [HOW-TO] Prevent Hotlink in Drupal 6 + Nginx for a few days. I found a second method which is very similar to the first method but the different is in valid_referers.

Nginx Vhost configuration file - Protect hotlink (regexp)

Replace Drupal Search Box with Google Adsense Custom Search Module in Drupal 6 + Zen Theme


Drupal search doesn't work well with International language and after a couple years of using it, I decided to try Google Adsense Custom Search Engine. Well, at first, I would like to try just Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) but after reading from a few webpages, they said that both of them are the same. Google CSE will generate regular advertising while Google Adsense CSE will generate advertising that will share some revenue with the website owner. So, why use Google CSE if Google Adsense CSE can do the same while you may get some revenue. (Even it's just a little)

[HOW-TO] Fix problem with Drupal + ImageCache when use Nginx as a reverse proxy


I have set Nginx as a reverse proxy according to this tutorial -> [HOW-TO] Use Nginx as a reverse proxy for DirectAdmin which work fine. Then, I started to use Nginx to serve static files for one vhost which is running Drupal. PHP scripts still send to Apache to process through PHP-FPM. Everything seems to work fine until I found that there is one problem. The problem of images which is process by ImageCache. When I upload image, it doesn't shows as it should be.

[HOW-TO] Prevent Hotlink in Drupal 6 + Nginx


I have searched around how to prevent hotlink in Drupal when use with Nginx. A lot of website saying the same what to do. However, I have tried all of them but not even one of them that work. That was strange. I started to try more until this... I found the only method that work for me. Oh... one more thing... don't put them under "location" rule or it won't work. That took me half an hour to figure it out :(

Nginx Vhost configuration file - working config to protect hotlink

[HOW-TO] Prevent Hotlink in Drupal 6 + Apache


As far as I can remember, to prevent hotlink in Drupal is not that easy. If you search website to look for prevent hotlink, you will find a lot of them to use with .htaccess file. But those are not for Drupal. You can't just use it in Drupal .htaccess file, that won't work. However, I have a set of code that work great. Actually, I have this code long time ago but I can't remember where I got it from. Thanks for the guy that provide it. Too bad that I didn't save link at that time.

So, now, here is what we have to do :

[HOW-TO] Config Nginx to work with Drupal 6

Yesterday, I've tried to setup Nginx as a Reverse Proxy for Apache - Worker MPM base webserver. I found that it doesn't help my server performance as I expected. So, I decided to try to set up Nginx to be a Webserver to see if Nginx can give me a better performance or not.

[HOW-TO] Install mod_rpaf for Apache 2.2

When you do a reverse proxy in which Nginx will be the one who listen the traffic and forward anything needs to be process through PHP to Apache. With this, Apache will always receive an IP from Nginx server (or I should say localhost / / local IP), not the real IP that user uses. In order to let Apache knows what is real user IP, we need to install mod_rpaf.

Just copy and paste code below into SSH :


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