[HOW-TO] Use Nginx as a reverse proxy for DirectAdmin

I try to use Nginx as a reverse proxy to see if there is any improvement over Apache Worker MPM or not. I found an instruction from DirectAdmin webboard but it's quite old. So, I just tried to follow their steps and do some modification to match what I have read. Below is what I did

1. You need to compile Nginx. Nginx version 0.8.54 is the lastest stable release as of today. So, just copy and paste below code into your SSH

[HOW-TO] Use "mod_fastcgi_handler + PHP-FPM" instead of "mod_fastcgi + PHP-FPM" (Less code to work on)

I have read about mod_fastcgi_handler which I think it will help me to write less code to work on PHP-FPM. Checked their website, even they say it's beta quality and there are a couple bugs. I still think I should try it. So, below is what I did to replace mod_fastcgi with mod_fastcgi_handler. 1. Put the command below into the SSH.
wget https://github.com/hollow/mod_fastcgi_handler/tarball/master --no-check-certificate
tar xvfz hollow-mod_fastcgi_handler-v0.4-0-g8973a51.tar.gz
cd hollow-mod_fastcgi_handler-8973a51
apxs -i -a -o mod_fastcgi_handler.so -c *.c

[HOW-TO] DirectAdmin - Run Apache with "mod_fcgid on PHP 5.2 / 5.3" and "mod_fastcgi + PHP-FPM on PHP 5.3" on the same server

This guide [ Run Apache with "mod_fcgid on PHP 5.2 / 5.3" and "mod_fastcgi + PHP-FPM on PHP 5.3" on the same server in different Virtualhosts ] has 3 parts altogether. So, you may need to take a look at 2 other parts as well :

1. [HOW-TO] DirectAdmin with mod_fcgid
2. [HOW-TO] Enable and setup PHP-FPM in DirectAdmin (PHP 5.3)

YUM - remove cache of mirror URL to be able to switch to a new one.


I just tried to install CentOS on local machine and found that when I ran 'yum install', it will always go to specific mirror url that is so slow. I know there is some cache to tell yum to use it but I don't know where on it. Try to search in google but many problem comes up that didn't relate to what I want to fix. Until I found a link below tell me where is yum cache file located. Just run command below :

[HOW-TO] Enable and setup PHP-FPM in DirectAdmin (PHP 5.3)

I've heard about PHP-FPM about a month ago from DirectAdmin webboard. Then, a few weeks ago, I had a couple websites that I need to make it run faster. After tried to do many things with it like ... to use mod_fcgid / XCache / Memcached, I feel like there was something in XCache since "Page execution time" is quite high. Then, I remember that I've read from many websites that XCache doesn't really work with mod_fcgid. From the technical point, all of them explained it clearly to understand.

[HOW-TO] Drupal 6 : Add additional "Add Comment" link into the node


Just edit node.tpl.php and insert code below to anywhere you want :

print l(t('Add Comment'), 'comment/reply/' . $node->nid, array('fragment' => 'comment-form'));

Make sure that , 'comment/reply/' part is relative to your path. If you access your website through www.myweb.com/web. Then, that part would be , 'web/comment/reply/'

Note : In case you are using Acquia Prosper theme, edit node-product.tpl.php instead.

[HOW-TO] Display pager in the top of the node in Drupal 6 with Zen Theme


I need to display pager for both top and bottom of the node for user to easily to move between pages. The one in the bottom is normally display but I want it to display in the top section also. To do that, Just put the following code :

<?php echo theme('pager', null, 1, 0, array(), 9); ?>

If you want to change the number of pages in the list, just change number 9 to anything you want.

When put that code in page.tpl.php, it will look like below :


[HOW-TO] DirectAdmin with mod_fcgid

All steps below should be done with a new clean install of DirectAdmin. It is possible to make it work on the server that already have users on it. I did that and it works perfectly fine. However, the steps will be a bit different and it won't work if you just follow instruction below.

1. Copy and paste below command into your SSH

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://mirrors.issp.co.th/apache/httpd/mod_fcgid/mod_fcgid-2.3.5.tar.bz2
tar jxf mod_fcgid-2.3.5.tar.bz2
cd mod_fcgid-2.3.5
APXS=/usr/sbin/apxs ./configure.apxs && make && make install

Drupal 7 is official released !!

After nearly three years of intense community collaboration by nearly a thousand contributors, Drupal 7.0 is today officially released! Friendly and powerful: Drupal 7 We are proud to present to you our best work yet – Drupal 7, the friendly and powerful content management platform for building nearly any kind of website: from blogs and micro-sites to collaborative social communities. Easier to use

Drupal 6.20 released

Drupal 6.20, a maintenance release fixing issues reported through the bug tracking system, is now available for download. There are no security fixes in this release. Upgrading your existing Drupal 6 sites is recommended. Download Drupal 6.20 Here


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