Apple licensed scrolling patent to IBM & Nokia, offered to Samsung

Contradicting a belief that Apple refuses to license its patented technology to competing companies, a new report reveals that both Nokia and IBM licensed a patent covering iOS touch-based scrolling, and a licensing agreement was also offered to Samsung.

Western Digital Restarts One Thai Harddisk Plant

New York - Western Digital reported it restarted hard-drive production at its Bang-Pa-in, Thailand, facility during the last week.

The facility had been under up to 6 feet of water when it was inundated on Oct. 15. The factory was not expected to re-open for at least another week, the company said.

The area was pumped dry as of Nov. 17; power was restored on Nov. 26, and production officially began again on Nov. 30.

WikiLeaks founder claims iTunes flaw allows for covert iPhone surveillance

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims that an iTunes "flaw" allows surveillance companies to introduce a trojan horse onto users' computers, subsequently selling the sensitive data to government agencies.

In an interview with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London on Thursday, Assange purports that governments are using backdoors to access and store sensitive data from every single citizen in entire cities, including a new flaw in iTunes, reports the International Business Times.

Chrome overtakes Firefox globally for first time / Internet Explorer still leads

Boston, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Thursday, 1st December, 2011: Google's browser Chrome overtook Firefox for the first time globally on a monthly basis in November, according to StatCounter, the free website analytics company. The firm's research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that Chrome took 25.69% of the worldwide market (up from 4.66% in November 2009) compared to Firefox's 25.23%. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still maintains a strong lead globally with 40.63%.

"iPhone" is the Yahoo's top search term in 2011

iPhone takes the top spot in 2011; Casey Anthony pled her way onto the list; Kim Kardashian joins the list again; and Osama bin Laden’s death captivated the world

The top search term of 2011 didn’t go to a person or a news event, but to a technological marvel. The iPhone led the 2011 search queries, bypassing a reality TV star’s marriage and pending divorce, a notorious criminal defendant, and America’s most wanted terrorist.

Apple updates Keynote to 5.1.1, Windows iCloud Control Panel to 1.0.1

Following a Safari browser fix on Tuesday, Apple has issued updates to its Keynote presentation software and the iCloud Control Panel for iOS device owners using Windows PCs.

Keynote Software update 5.1.1

This update is recommended for Keynote 5.1 users and addresses issues that occur when working with large Keynote presentations on OS X Lion, along with stability and accessibility improvements.

Refreshed MacBook Air Line with New 15-Inch Model Coming in first quarter of 2012?

Digitimes reports that Apple is plan to update its MacBook Air line early next year, with a new 15-inch model appearing alongside refreshed 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models. The update will reportedly take place during the first quarter of 2012.

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac 2.01 released

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac 2.01 released

An update for Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is released in Nov 25 with the version 2.01. The new version provided the following new features :


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