Drupal 7.10 released

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Drupal 7.10, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. Several major bugs, including one causing errors with the 5.x branch of Drush, have been fixed this release. See the Drupal 7.10 release notes for a full listing.


  • Fixed Content-Language HTTP header to not cause issues with Drush 5.x.
  • Reduce memory usage of theme registry (performance).
  • Fixed PECL upload progress bar for FileField
  • Fixed running update.php doesn't always clear the cache.
  • Fixed PDO exceptions on long titles.
  • Fixed Overlay redirect does not include query string.
  • Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • Fixed the ordering of module hooks when using module_implements_alter().
  • Fixed "floating" submit buttons during AJAX requests.
  • Fixed timezone selected on install not propogating to admin account.
  • Added msgctx context to JS translation functions, for feature parity with t().
  • Profiles' .install files now available during hook_install_tasks().
  • Added test coverage of 7.0 -> 7.x upgrade path.
  • Numerous notice fixes.
  • Numerous documentation improvements.
  • Additional automated test coverage.

Update notes

  • None at this time.

Known issues

  • None at this time.

Full list of changes since 7.9:

  • #1318316 by xjm: AssertTaxonomyPage is missing documentation.
  • #1329914 by xjm, msonnabaum: Fixed Ensure ['q'] is set before calling drupal_normal_path().
  • #1332648 by sven.lauer, jhodgdon, xjm: Clean up API docs for contextual module.
  • #1198398 by jm @ bellcom.dk, AllRob: Fixed Timezone selected on install not correctly saved to admin user account.
  • #1182296 by BTMash, matason, catch, xjm: Add tests for 7.0->7.x upgrade path.
  • #1206992 by oriol_e9g: fixed Field UI error message and incorrect type level.
  • #1196112 by rocket_nova: taxonomy_get_parents() return value documentation isn't complete.
  • #1087940 by drewish, rocket_nova: document that wildcard % doesn't work as first argument in menu paths.
  • #1289208 by minorOffense, skottler, rocket_nova: REQUEST_TIME documentation is misleading.
  • #1302364 by Chi, realityloop: duplicate status check in forum_field_storage_pre_update().
  • #1280674 by TR, DamZ: submit button 'floats' during ajax submission.
  • #765860 by effulgentsia, dww, dereine, mikey_p, xjm, sun, sven.lauer: drupal_alter() fails to order modules correctly in some cases.
  • #1346772 by xjm: Fixed StatisticsLoggingTestCase->testLogging() is unstable.
  • #1337124 by xjm: improve API documentation for taxonomy_autocomplete().
  • #1313342 by CrookedNumber, RaulMuroc, Yuri: Fixed Curacao should appear in standard_country_list().
  • #655190 by dealancer: Fixed Allow hook_install_tasks() to be called from a profile's .install file (or document that it can't be).
  • #1002258 by tstoeckler, xjm: Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • #1002258 by tstoeckler, xjm: Fixed D6 modules satisfy D7 module dependencies.
  • #488496 by loganfsmyth, G√°bor Hojtsy: Implement missing msgctx context in JS translation for feature parity with t().
  • #1146234 by David_Rothstein, Tor Arne Thune, xjm: Fixed Overlay redirect does not include query string.
  • #1326950 by chrispomeroy: Fixed typo in overlay-child-rtl.css.
  • #1339292 by xjm: Fixed hook_requirements() documentation references incorrect path for cron in system.api.php.
  • #212284 by Damien Tournoud, alexanderpas, dww: Fixed security check in 'configure' stage not compatible with overriding variables: site_name() and site_mail().
  • #789484 by Lars Toomre, sven.lauer, jhogdon, pillarsdotnet, michaellenahan: Fixed Confusing documentation for argument in hook_access()/hook_node_access().
  • #1333314 by ericduran: Fixed Left over console.log in authorized.js.
  • #1333346 by claudiu.cristea: Fixed hook_field_extra_fields_alter() example code.
  • #1247982 by kathyh, Aron Novak, xjm: Fixed API doc for hook_aggregator_parse() is incorrect.
  • #777168 by Berdir, effulgentsia: Fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass:: in profile_user_presave().
  • #1326932 by jenlampton, rump: Bunny ears are fuzzy: update search test node content to reflect this.
  • #1006714 by Steven Jones, chx, mr.baileys, xjm, carlos8f: Fixed drupal_get_path() doesn't work for profiles.
  • #1263644 by jhodgdon, ultimateboy, Tor Arne Thune: Define what being in MAINTAINERS.txt means.
  • #1334768 by ls206, Pasqualle: Fixed Syntax error in locale_test().js line 27.
  • #935208 by droplet, assert0, adrinux, Tor Arne Thune: Fixed PECL uploadprogress bar doesn't appear.
  • #1180642 by franz, catch, xjm, musicnode: Fixed PDOException in statistics_exit() when path longer than 255 characters.
  • #1049284 by xjm: Fixed Running update.php to flush caches no longer works unless there are updates pending.
  • #999024 by bfroehle, O Govinda: Fixed Status Report page refers to 'update status module' instead of 'update manager module'.
  • Missing files.
  • #951644 by catch, David_Rothstein, aschiwi, xjm: Fixed Requirement warnings (e.g. for PHP memory limit) are not shown on install or update unless there is a requirement error also.
  • #1328378 by Chi: Fixed remove bogus colour value in CSS in Seven theme.
  • #1312844 follow-up by David_Rothstein, kathyh: Fixed minor formatting bug.
  • #1103590 follow-up by Tor Arne Thune, dcrocks: Add tests for blocks being added to 'hidden' region.
  • #1326472 by xjm: Add capitalization and periods to several inline comments in common.inc.
  • #561858 follow-up by effulgentsia, sun: Add tests for AJAX framework lazy-load feature.
  • #1021064 by montesq, barraponto, cwells73, mejd: Fixed No Main Links causes error message in form description to set Secondary Links.
  • #1011614 by catch, pillarsdotnet: Fixed Theme registry can grow too large for MySQL max_allowed_packet() and memcache default slab size.
  • #1274406 by marcingy, grndlvl: Fixed PDO exception is thrown when saving a node with a title that is too long.
  • #673020 follow-up by attiks: Critical fix to Content-Language HTTP header to not cause issues with Drush.
  • Ahem. Back to 7.x-dev.
  • Back to 7.x-dev

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