and Eudora, Have you every heard of it?


I’m using for many years. (At least 10 years.) I have used it since it's free service until they started to charge for money. That’s fine, I'm willing to pay for it just because I like an e-mail that I already have with them.  I also like to have my mail at home. So, I pay them for POP/SMTP service.

Yum install perl-DBD-mysql, perl-DBI to use "mysqlreport" under CentOS 5.2 + DirectAdmin

mysqlreport makes a friendly report of important MySQL status values. mysqlreport transforms the values from SHOW STATUS into an easy-to-read report that provides an in-depth understanding of how well MySQL is running. mysqlreport is a better alternative (and practically the only alternative) to manually interpreting SHOW STATUS.

When I was trying to use mysqlreport under CentOS 5.2 64 bit + DirectAdmin Custom Build 1.1. I got error when run "./mysqlreport"

Steps how to install Cacti on CentOS 5.2 + DirectAdmin

First of all, I'm not an Linux/DirectAdmin expert. I just played around with them and found the way to do it. I tried to install Cacti on my server but I couldn't find a complete instruction to do it. So, I just gathered all information I found into one place so that it is easier for many others. I hope it can help someone that needs the same thing that I did.

The software I use:

- CentOS 5.2 - 64-bit
- DirectAdmin 1.323 - Custombuild 1.1.13
     - PHP 5 - CGI
     - Apache 2.2
     - MySQL 5
- Cacti 0.8.7b

Dell Perc6/i RAID Monitoring Script using MegaCli (LSI) on CentOS 5.2 - 64 bits

I got a Dell Perc6/i Integrated RAID card a few days ago. By using it with CentOS 5.2 64 bits without GUI, I'm looking the way to monitor RAID status. I then, found that I can use MegaCLI from LSI to do the task. (Dell Perc6/i uses LSI Chip) First, get MegaCLI from LSI website -> MegaCLI 2.00.11 for Linux

Drupal 6.4 and 5.10 released

Drupal 6.4 and 5.10 released, fixing security issues More information can be found -> HERE Drupal 6.4 and Drupal 5.10, maintenance releases fixing problems reported using the bug tracking system, as well as critical security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. Drupal 6.4 Release Note

DD-WRT v24 SP1 Released

Two months after the release of the milestone v24 we are happy to give a refined release to the public, v24 SP1. Besides the official support of new hardware platforms and the addition of some new features we did enhance the usability and stability of many functions inside DD-WRT. We did also incorporate the patches for the recently published dns exploit issue. We'd like to make clear that the DD-WRT default configuration in v23 / v24 is not vulnerable, so there was and is no risk for dd-wrt users.

Drupal 5.9 released

Drupal 5.9 released, fixing security issues Drupal 5.9 has been released to correct a vulnerability that was inadvertantly left in Drupal 5.8 Drupal 5.9 Release Note The ninth maintenance and security release of the Drupal 5 series. Only fixes for security vulnerabilities and other bugs have been committed. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 7.0 release.

Drupal 6.3 and 5.8 released

Drupal 6.3 and 5.8 released, fixing security issues More information can be found -> HERE

Mozilla Sets June 17 for Firefox 3 'Download Day'

Mozilla will release the next version of its Firefox browser on Tuesday and attempt to set a Guinness World Record for software downloads. The company has deemed June 17 "Download Day," part of a campaign unveiled on May 28 asking users to download Firefox 3 on the first day it is released to set what very well may be the geekiest world record ever-- the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.

DD-WRT v24 released

In case you don't know what is DD-WRT. It's a firmware to use with many routers to get more features that original firmware doesn't provided. If I remember correctly, it was originally for Linksys WRT54G router. Later, the firmware can be used with many other brands and devices. We are very proud to release the final DD-WRT v24 to the public. After months of development and bug fixing we are sure this release is as stable and reliable people expect a DD-WRT major release to be. The v24 binaries are now available in the download section (click here).


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