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HP updates drivers to fix for LaserJet exploits

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HP has posted a new driver update for its web-connected and networked LaserJet printers in an attempt to plug a malware explot. The was brought on after findings from Columbia University were revealed late in November. While no customers have reported attacks, HP claimed, the firmware upgrade would prevent them from happening in the first place.

Seagate Completes Acquisition of Samsung’s Hard Disk Drive Business

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Hard drive maker Seagate is now just a little bit bigger today. The company announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of the hard drive division that was previously owned by Samsung. Seagate paid Samsung $1.4 billion for its hard drive division which includes both cash as well as Seagate stock.

Seagate and Western Digital cutting hard drive warranties in 2012

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Two major hard drive manufacturers, Seagate and Western Digital, are cutting their warranties to as little as one year. Starting on December 31st, Seagate will cut protection for most standard desktop and notebook drives from five years to one, and other drives, including its hybrid Momentus XT, will get three-year warranties instead of five-year ones. Meanwhile, Western Digital is reducing the warranties for three of its drives — the Caviar Blue, Caviar Green, and Scorpio Blue — from three years to two, starting January 2nd.

Dell Perc6/i RAID Monitoring Script using MegaCli (LSI) on CentOS 5.2 - 64 bits

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I got a Dell Perc6/i Integrated RAID card a few days ago. By using it with CentOS 5.2 64 bits without GUI, I'm looking the way to monitor RAID status. I then, found that I can use MegaCLI from LSI to do the task. (Dell Perc6/i uses LSI Chip) First, get MegaCLI from LSI website -> MegaCLI 2.00.11 for Linux

Promise Technology NAS SmartStor NS4300N - Permission Problem

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I got Promise Technology SmartStor NS4300N Network Attached Storage (NAS) for many months ago but didn't really use it until I found out that there is a permission problem with it. Since I got it, I just moved all of my files and folders inside one folder on NAS. (Let's say "Temp") A few days later, I created some other blank folders at the same level as “Temp” folder and set some permission for different people. My plan is to organized all files and folder under “Temp” sometime soon.

Last month, I started to organize my files and folder. Before that, I found that there was a new firmware came out. So, I just upgraded firmware from 01.02.0000.05 to 1.03.0000.06. Started to move files from “Temp” folder to other folders but I ran into permission problem on many files and folders. This is strange but I found that the problem is about Owner of those files and folders were different. I had to change owner under FTP program. (CHOWN) Since there were a lot of files and folders I had to go through, I finally gave up.

I've contacted Promise Support and they answered me that there was no known problem about permission with this new firmware. I also asked him if it’s possible to get into SSH but he said there was no way to do that. (But I found a way later on this website and this one but I never tried that though.) They asked if I can try to refresh permission under web interface and see if it is solved or not. I replied back to ask if he can tell me step by step how to do that. Never get answer back from them ever since.

I, then, found this link -> - Here is what creaturejbl said :

Their answer - Yes, this is a well know bug on permission control. They suggest me just return the product to store.

OLPC XO laptops publicly available today

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Beginning today, anyone interested in getting an XO computer through the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program has a chance to grab one. The Give One, Get One (G1G1) program is open to US and Canadian residents who want to purchase one XO laptop for themselves for $399. Order between today and November 26, and you'll receive one of the green and white laptop computers. The other will be sent on your behalf to a child in a developing nation. US donors will also receive free access for one year to T-Mobile wireless hotspots located throughout the country.

Seagate warns of infected drives

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Seagate is warning users to scan their systems for malware after a password-stealing Trojan was found on some of its hard drives. The vendor said that the malware was discovered on the Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 model by researchers from security firm Kaspersky. Seagate did not reveal how many infected drives had been sold, claiming only that it was "a small number".

computer turned off by itself. No picture on monitor

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I just got back a computer that I assembled for my friend half a year ago. At that time, his motherboard went bad. So, I just replaced a new ASROCK motherboard that has most components build-in. (VGA, LAN, Sound) It was the last motherboard brand/model I could find in the market at that time since it's for Pentium 4 Socket 478. (I usually goes for Intel chipset after I found a lot of problem when working with SiS or VIA chipset.) All work well until a couple days ago. I got a call from my friend said that the computer shut down by itself twice. Later on, he tried to turn on the computer.