Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now officially released though Microsoft Website

Today Microsoft announced the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) to Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center. We also resumed automatic distribution of Windows Vista SP1. We will begin automatically distributing Windows XP SP3 in early summer.

As mentioned last week, we uncovered a compatibility issue between Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and both Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). To help protect customers, we put filtering in place to prevent Windows Update from offering both service packs to systems running Microsoft Dynamics RMS. We are still testing a fix and are working to make it publicly available via Microsoft Download Center this month.

Until then, we advise Microsoft Dynamics RMS customers to not install either service pack. Microsoft Dynamics RMS customers running Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1 should contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for additional information.

As mentioned in my RTM post, Microsoft will monitor this forum for the next few weeks in case you have additional feedback about the release of Windows XP SP3.

The Windows XP Support Forum has pointers to standard information about Windows XP Service Pack 3. Also, the Windows XP SP3 TechNet portal is now updated as well.

Many thanks,

Chris Keroack
Release Manager, Windows XP Service Pack 3
Windows Serviceability

Source : Technet Forum
Download Location :
- Windows Update
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers (316.4 MB)
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 Checked Build Network Installation Package (342.9 MB)
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 MUI Pack Update (9.1 MB)
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 - ISO-9660 CD Image File (544.9 MB)
- SMS Template Files for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Deployment

Other Resources :
- Windows XP Service Pack 3: What is new and how to deploy
- Release notes for Windows XP Service Pack 3
- List of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 3

Drupal 6.2 fixing security issues Released

Drupal 6.2 is now available HERE Drupal 6.2 Release Note This release fixes security vulnerabilities and also changes APIs. Sites are urged to upgrade immediately after reading the security announcement: * SA-2008-026 - Drupal core - Drupal core - Access bypass In addition to this security vulnerability, the following bugs have been fixed since the 6.0 release:

Australian WiMAX pioneer trashes technology as "miserable failure"

Australia’s first WiMAX operator, Hervey Bay’s Buzz Broadband, has closed its network, with the CEO labeling the technology as a “disaster” that “failed miserably.”

RAID 10 is not equal to RAID1+0

I just ran into a document stating that RAID 10 is not equal to RAID1+0 . Below is what she said :

Promise Technology NAS SmartStor NS4300N - Permission Problem

I got Promise Technology SmartStor NS4300N Network Attached Storage (NAS) for many months ago but didn't really use it until I found out that there is a permission problem with it. Since I got it, I just moved all of my files and folders inside one folder on NAS. (Let's say "Temp") A few days later, I created some other blank folders at the same level as “Temp” folder and set some permission for different people. My plan is to organized all files and folder under “Temp” sometime soon.

Last month, I started to organize my files and folder. Before that, I found that there was a new firmware came out. So, I just upgraded firmware from 01.02.0000.05 to 1.03.0000.06. Started to move files from “Temp” folder to other folders but I ran into permission problem on many files and folders. This is strange but I found that the problem is about Owner of those files and folders were different. I had to change owner under FTP program. (CHOWN) Since there were a lot of files and folders I had to go through, I finally gave up.

I've contacted Promise Support and they answered me that there was no known problem about permission with this new firmware. I also asked him if it’s possible to get into SSH but he said there was no way to do that. (But I found a way later on this website and this one but I never tried that though.) They asked if I can try to refresh permission under web interface and see if it is solved or not. I replied back to ask if he can tell me step by step how to do that. Never get answer back from them ever since.

I, then, found this link -> - Here is what creaturejbl said :

Their answer - Yes, this is a well know bug on permission control. They suggest me just return the product to store.

Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology

Information technology (IT) professionals don’t always get the best rap. Employees grumble about the help desk, how IT workers think they’re so smart – heck, “IT nerd” is even a searchable phrase on the Internet.

Cut these folks some slack. Pause for a second to imagine the number of phone calls and e-mails IT probably gets per day – whining that this isn’t working and neither is that. Consider their responsibility for keeping databases, phone lines, computers and security programs for entire companies up and running. And you really want to nag them for being smart?

Suit yourself – but the next time you poke fun at the techies, consider that IT workers can expect starting salaries to increase an average of 5.3 percent in 2008, according to the “2008 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide.” Base compensations in high-demand positions are also expected to rise as high as 7.6 percent.

“Business expansion and the increased reliance on technology within all sectors has resulted in a competitive environment for skilled IT professionals,” says Katherine Spencer Lee, executive director of Robert Half Technology. “Many companies are raising base compensation for new hires and offering additional perks, including signing bonuses and equity incentives, to recruit and retain top candidates.”

Thinking twice about a career in technology? Here are the top 10 jobs in IT, based on increases in salary offers, according to the salary guide.

Drupal 6.1 fixing security issues Released

Drupal 6.1 is now available HERE Drupal 6.1 Release Note This release fixes security vulnerabilities. Sites are urged to upgrade immediately. For more details, please see the security announcement: * SA-2008-018 - Drupal core - Cross site scripting In addition to this security vulnerability, the following bugs have been fixed since the 6.0 release:

Beware - CANCEL Hostgator hosting service is not easy


I just recently got a problem with Hostgator. At first, I understood them and decided to move to somewhere else. But then, I got a hard time canceling my account with them. (Already filled a second CANCELLATION form yesterday to cancel my account.) Until now, I'm still waiting for them to confirm my cancellation. That already took me three days and don't know when should this situation end.

Let me tell you what I faced with Hostgator from the beginning :

Script to Migrate PHPNuke to Drupal - UTF8 to UTF8


Update (Feb 25, 08): New Version 0.04w that included 2 lines of code below can be downloaded -> HERE .

Drupal 6.0 released

Drupal 6.0 Download

After one year of development we are ready to release Drupal 6.0 to the world. Thanks to the tireless work of the Drupal community, over 1,600 issues have been resolved during the Drupal 6.0 release cycle. These changes are evident in Drupal 6's major usability improvements, security and maintainability advancements, friendlier installer, and expanded development framework. Further, from bug fix to feature request, these issues follow-through on the Drupal project's continued commitment to deliver flexibility and power to themers and developers.

What's new

The Drupal 6.0 release contains many improvements, some visible from the first click, and others hidden beneath the hood. While the complete list of changes is too lengthy to list here, we have included just a few of the reasons we're so excited about Drupal 6.


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