eBay buyer - BEWARE

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I just read the news about another fraud on eBay from this website -> Bangkok Post - 8 arrested for eBay fraud in Hong Kong

Basically, it's about the buyer that paid for the products that were never delivered. So, Hongkong polices tracked them down and arrested 8 of them.

I know there are a lot of fraud going on with online transactions. So, before decide to purchase, at least, check their resellers rating or anything that you suspect to avoid this problem.

Lack of support of PNG on IE6

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Recently, I added a logo on my website and used it for a while without any problem under IE7 or Firefox. Both of them are what I've used for now. However, yesterday, I worked on an old machine that has IE6 installed. I tried to go to my website and found that the logo which is PNG file didn't work well in IE6. The transparent area went grey in IE6 So, I've looked for the method to solve the problem. Many of them are as below : 1. Microsoft Knowledgebase

computer turned off by itself. No picture on monitor

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I just got back a computer that I assembled for my friend half a year ago. At that time, his motherboard went bad. So, I just replaced a new ASROCK motherboard that has most components build-in. (VGA, LAN, Sound) It was the last motherboard brand/model I could find in the market at that time since it's for Pentium 4 Socket 478. (I usually goes for Intel chipset after I found a lot of problem when working with SiS or VIA chipset.) All work well until a couple days ago. I got a call from my friend said that the computer shut down by itself twice. Later on, he tried to turn on the computer.

Problem with DVR Cards

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Last week, I spent almost a week just to try to figure it out how to make DVR cards work with my computer. Since I found that there are a lot of DVR cards (Digital Video Recorder cards???) available in the market. Most of them can only work with Pentium-4 computer system. The problem is that it's quite difficult to find a new computer that has Pentium-4 in it. I called many resellers just to ask them if their cards can work with newer computer system such as Celeron-D, Pentium-D, etc. One reseller said anything with Intel chipset motherboard and ATI display adapter will work.

Know Base Path function for Drupal with Multilanguage (i18n version 2.1)

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My problem was that I want imagefield that user can click in Teaser view, then, bring user into the node. (Default without contemplate, the click will do nothing. By clicking at the title is the only option.) By wring the code in contemplate, there are 3 parts that I need to do. 1. A function to get Basepath (Ex.www.bxtra.net) 2. A function to get i18n path (Ex.en, fr, etc.) 3. A function to get node that the link will go to. It will end up like this -> http://www.bxtra.net/en/node/4

Driver problem for Scanning function with HP Laserjet 3055

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I got HP Laserjet 3055 All-in-one a while ago and it works flawlessly. I can do a network scan from the printer itself to automatically save to a specific computer after scan. That's to initiate the scan from the printer. (Some people said this printer doesn't support that function but it does work for me.) I think I can also do a network fax if I want. (There is a fax printer listed but this is not what I want from this printer.

HTML Background color goes Blue

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I got a problem trying to change background color to transparent or something else but when I was trying to do that, the area I needed to do that goes Blue. This occured only with Firefox but no IE. So, I searched for information and found that it's something in the BODY. Since I used mainly TABLE, I have to put


together with TABLE tag. By trying to put it in TD, or leave it out didn't solve the problem.

HTML Transparent (opacity)

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I've tried to work on transparent CSS. I put all 3 types of opacity setting below : - filter: alpha(opacity='70'); - -moz-opacity: 0.7; - opacity: 0.7 With opacity setting, it works fine with Firefox. However, I couldn't make the same code to work with IE 6 and 7. Then, I searched online and found the following page -> http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Talk:Spry#Spry.Effects.Opacity I just followed what they suggested which is to put width and height as below : style="opacity: 0.5; width: 100%; height: 100%; filter:alpha(opacity=50);"

Lightbox v2 bug

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I found 2 modules that I want to play with my drupal. Those are Lightbox v2 and Thickbox. I installed both module at the same time and then, I ran into the problem of using contemplate to change some template setting. I couldn't create template because the box that shows "Affect Body/Teaser output" didn't show up. It showed only what I already have done. But not what I plan to make a new one. (That included if I unchecked that "Affect Body/Teaser output". After save, it was gone.)