Driver problem for Scanning function with HP Laserjet 3055

By BXTra |

I got HP Laserjet 3055 All-in-one a while ago and it works flawlessly. I can do a network scan from the printer itself to automatically save to a specific computer after scan. That's to initiate the scan from the printer. (Some people said this printer doesn't support that function but it does work for me.) I think I can also do a network fax if I want. (There is a fax printer listed but this is not what I want from this printer.

Sound Driver for Vista - HP Notebook, Conexant (Waikiki)

By BXTra |

It took HP many months after Windows Vista is official release to get a beta sound driver for Conexant Waikiki chipset to work. If anyone looks for it, just check this forum -> http://forum.notebookreview.com/announcement.php?f=3&a=15 To check if you have Conexant Waikiki or Venice chipset. Check hardware ID in device manager. If it shows DEV_5047, then, you got Waikiki chipset, if it's DEV_5045, then, you got Venice chipset.