Driver problem for Scanning function with HP Laserjet 3055

By BXTra |

I got HP Laserjet 3055 All-in-one a while ago and it works flawlessly. I can do a network scan from the printer itself to automatically save to a specific computer after scan. That's to initiate the scan from the printer. (Some people said this printer doesn't support that function but it does work for me.) I think I can also do a network fax if I want. (There is a fax printer listed but this is not what I want from this printer. So, I never try that though.)

Anyway, about a month ago. I saw a new driver update from HP website. It's version 3.0 (Release on Oct 9, 06 according to HP Website) I think the newer version should be better. So, I tried it. After installed, I know for sure that I ran into the problem of not being able to scan through network anymore. Still, I think that the driver shouldn't cause this but some program I installed later might be the source of the problem. So, I left as it is.

Then, yesterday, I had time to check it out. Try that with two computers. Both computers got the same problem of not being able to scan through the network. So, I uninstalled the new version and installed the older version which is version 2. (CD that came with the printer.) After installed, both computers came to work as it used to be.

Note : I also ran into the problem that I couldn't install the HP software suite. (Both Version 2 and version 3.) I've tried that and it did the loop from detecting printer till I chose to install and back to detecting printer again and again. I, then, reset the printer from the machine console. That allows me to install the software. I think that it could be the password I've set on the printer to prevent anyone to change the configuration on the printer itself.

Note 2 : I also found this driver HP LaserJet Fix Scan Utility which seems to be the one that can solve my problem that I got with driver version 3. However, the date is in Feb 2006 is older than version 3 that came out in Oct 2006.

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