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Beware - CANCEL Hostgator hosting service is not easy

By BXTra |

I just recently got a problem with Hostgator. At first, I understood them and decided to move to somewhere else. But then, I got a hard time canceling my account with them. (Already filled a second CANCELLATION form yesterday to cancel my account.) Until now, I'm still waiting for them to confirm my cancellation. That already took me three days and don't know when should this situation end.

Let me tell you what I faced with Hostgator from the beginning :

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By BXTra |

I just finished moving one of my website to another web hosting company. That took me about 3-4 weeks just to look for which web hosting company I should go with. REASON : One of my website started to have a lot of data. 1and1 allows user to have no more than 100 MB of each database and it's not enough for me. I have to look for somewhere else to move my website there. Empty Cache and Search Index were what I did to keep the database below 100 MB while I was looking for a new hosting service. WEBHOSTING : I've checked with many companies listed below:

  • ANHosting
  • BlueHost
  • HostNine
  • ResellerZoom
  • InnoHosting
  • HostGator