Drupal 10 - ECA to Set Media Name automatically when Node update

By BXTra |

I tried to use Media in my new project.  Any files to upload comes directly from scanner with default filename format contain only scanned date. To upload such file, there is nothing meaningful for user to search for to reuse it.  I tried to look for the way to set Media name automatically but I couldn't find it.  Therefore, I turned to ECA which I think this should work for this task.

Drupal 6 + Views 2 : Created similar node based on Node Title

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I need my node to show related nodes below it. Since I know that my Node Title will be very similar in the name but different Season or Number like example below. Node 1 - Final Destination DVD Node 2 - Final Destination DVD 2 Node 3 - Final Destination DVD 3 Node 4 - Lost Season 1 Node 5 - Lost Season 2 When I open Node 1, links to Node 2 and Node 3 should be there below the content. When I open Node 5, links to Node 4 should be there below the content. I can do that by set Views as below:

Finally, Views 2.0 for Drupal 6 is official released

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New features for your site * Multiple blocks, pages, and feeds per view. * Built-in AJAX for pagers, exposed filters, and argument drill-down clicks. Great in blocks! * RSS feeds for comments. * Greater control over exposed filters, including being able to reduce a taxonomy list to just terms you select. * Can have multiple "displays" on a view with the same path, which have different features -- give your administrators and privileged users richer views than others! New features for themers * All views output is done through templates, dramatically improving themability; the old views theming wizard is no longer required. * Additional theming information to customize your views through templates is also provided in the user interface.