ECA: Event - Condition – Action

Drupal 10 - ECA to Set Media Name automatically when Node update

By BXTra |

I tried to use Media in my new project.  Any files to upload comes directly from scanner with default filename format contain only scanned date. To upload such file, there is nothing meaningful for user to search for to reuse it.  I tried to look for the way to set Media name automatically but I couldn't find it.  Therefore, I turned to ECA which I think this should work for this task.

Drupal Commerce 2 - Create Simple Stock with Custom Module and ECA

By BXTra |

About 2 years ago, I tried Drupal Commerce 2 and the module itself doesn't have comment system that a shop owner can use to make a note to let customer know and customer can also check that note in order information page.  Shop owner can decided to send notification to customer though an Email, if needed.  At that time, I decided to use Drupal Core Comment together with Rules module to create a comment form and use to communicate with customers.

ECA: Event - Condition – Action module, an alternative to Rules module in Drupal 9 / 10

By BXTra |

Many people from Drupal 7 know Rules module which is one of the best module to do so many things with Drupal such as Sending an email to admin when user login, Calculate a value automatically when the form is saved. Even Drupal Commerce and Ubercart in Drupal 7 also implement using Rules module.