Drupal 6 + Views 2 : Created similar node based on Node Title

By BXTra |

I need my node to show related nodes below it. Since I know that my Node Title will be very similar in the name but different Season or Number like example below. Node 1 - Final Destination DVD Node 2 - Final Destination DVD 2 Node 3 - Final Destination DVD 3 Node 4 - Lost Season 1 Node 5 - Lost Season 2 When I open Node 1, links to Node 2 and Node 3 should be there below the content. When I open Node 5, links to Node 4 should be there below the content. I can do that by set Views as below:

Finally, Views 2.0 for Drupal 6 is official released

By BXTra |
New features for your site * Multiple blocks, pages, and feeds per view. * Built-in AJAX for pagers, exposed filters, and argument drill-down clicks. Great in blocks! * RSS feeds for comments. * Greater control over exposed filters, including being able to reduce a taxonomy list to just terms you select. * Can have multiple "displays" on a view with the same path, which have different features -- give your administrators and privileged users richer views than others! New features for themers * All views output is done through templates, dramatically improving themability; the old views theming wizard is no longer required. * Additional theming information to customize your views through templates is also provided in the user interface.