[HOW-TO] Drupal 6 : Add additional "Add Comment" link into the node

By BXTra | Tue, 01/18/2011 - 18:37
Just edit node.tpl.php and insert code below to anywhere you want :

print l(t('Add Comment'), 'comment/reply/' . $node->nid, array('fragment' => 'comment-form'));

Make sure that , 'comment/reply/' part is relative to your path. If you access your website through www.myweb.com/web. Then, that part would be , 'web/comment/reply/'

Note : In case you are using Acquia Prosper theme, edit node-product.tpl.php instead.

Source : http://drupal.org/node/870344

Yea I know that (I'm using it on my page) but how did you found that this code must be written this specific way. Where to look for those objects - 'comment-form' ?

What I did here is to try what many people commented, then, confirmed that it work here to make it easier for anyone that want the same thing as mine. (Reading through a lot of comments can confuse many people) So, with this topic, I just tested and summarized how to do it. If you really want to know, you may have to go to drupal forum in the link above and ask from there. Sorry that I can't help.