How to secure /tmp and /dev/shm Partition

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How to secure /tmp if we didn't partition /tmp when installed CentOS. Also, secure /dev/shm to protect rootkits. 1. Secure /tmp partition 1.1: Backup your fstab file cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak 1.2: Creating tmpMnt partition file (~ 1Gb in size) cd /var dd if=/dev/zero of=tmpMnt bs=1024 count=1048576 1.3: Format new partition mkfs.ext3 -j /var/tmpMnt It will show /var/tmpMnt is not a block special device. Proceed anyway? (y,n) Just press Y

How to install Memcached on CentOS (with DirectAdmin installed) + Memcached PECL

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After I was done with install Memcached on CentOS a while ago, I just know today that there are 2 different PECL modules. One is "Memcache PECL" while another is "Memcached PECL". The one I did before is "Memcache PECL", so, now, I try to install "Memcached PECL" which is newer and require libmemcached library. The content below is almost exactly to my previous Memcache PECL installed. Only a few changes to install Memcached PECL instead.

How to install Memcached on CentOS (with DirectAdmin installed) + Memcache PECL

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I just want to try if Memcached can really help my server load or not. So, I look around to find the way how to do it. There are a couple ways but to me, below are what I did to installed it. Get Libevent which is require to install Memcached. Their homepage is here -> http://www.monkey.org/~provos/libevent/ wget http://www.monkey.org/~provos/libevent-1.4.13-stable.tar.gz tar -xvf libevent-1.4.13-stable.tar.gz cd libevent-1.4.13-stable ./configure;make;make install; Then, get Memcached from http://memcached.org

[ HOW-TO] Install XCache on CentOS 5.2 64-bit that has DirectAdmin installed

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First of all, if you are using DirectAdmin in PHP-CGI (suPHP) mode, don't waste your time follow this HOW-TO. Although these steps work with PHP-CGI but you will get nothing from doing it. For PHP-CLI, I found that it help to decrease my server load from about 10 or more down to about 1 but always less than 2. (I have quad core CPU and my problem before is that CPU usage is almost always 100%.) It's useful module that you should have it installed. Step 1 : Get XCache and uncompress it shell> cd /tmp

CentOS 5.2 - 64 bits - error while loading shared libraries : libresolv.so.2 : cannot open shared object file

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My server was running great for about a month without reboot. Yesterday, I just thought about what many people said that if a server is running fine, don't try to restart it. If you do, there is a chance that a server won't start back up normally. No one explain why but then, I thought about it and for some reason, I wanted to try to restart it that night. I didn't think I will run into any problem but I was wrong.

Yum install perl-DBD-mysql, perl-DBI to use "mysqlreport" under CentOS 5.2 + DirectAdmin

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mysqlreport makes a friendly report of important MySQL status values. mysqlreport transforms the values from SHOW STATUS into an easy-to-read report that provides an in-depth understanding of how well MySQL is running. mysqlreport is a better alternative (and practically the only alternative) to manually interpreting SHOW STATUS.

When I was trying to use mysqlreport under CentOS 5.2 64 bit + DirectAdmin Custom Build 1.1. I got error when run "./mysqlreport"

Steps how to install Cacti on CentOS 5.2 + DirectAdmin

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First of all, I'm not an Linux/DirectAdmin expert. I just played around with them and found the way to do it. I tried to install Cacti on my server but I couldn't find a complete instruction to do it. So, I just gathered all information I found into one place so that it is easier for many others. I hope it can help someone that needs the same thing that I did.

The software I use:

Dell Perc6/i RAID Monitoring Script using MegaCli (LSI) on CentOS 5.2 - 64 bits

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I got a Dell Perc6/i Integrated RAID card a few days ago. By using it with CentOS 5.2 64 bits without GUI, I'm looking the way to monitor RAID status. I then, found that I can use MegaCLI from LSI to do the task. (Dell Perc6/i uses LSI Chip) First, get MegaCLI from LSI website -> MegaCLI 2.00.11 for Linux