Sound Driver for Vista - HP Notebook, Conexant (Waikiki)

By BXTra |

It took HP many months after Windows Vista is official release to get a beta sound driver for Conexant Waikiki chipset to work. If anyone looks for it, just check this forum -> To check if you have Conexant Waikiki or Venice chipset. Check hardware ID in device manager. If it shows DEV_5047, then, you got Waikiki chipset, if it's DEV_5045, then, you got Venice chipset.

Problem with Imagefield Module 1.1 (CCK 1.4 and 1.5)

By BXTra |

It's really annoying and almost lead me to change to use other CMS. I'm trying to upload a picture into Imagefield. It's like everytime I uploaded my picture, sometime it showed up correctly, sometime nothing showed up, but then, after I submited that page, the picture went away. That took me to try to upload one picture in a page for almost an hour.

How to handle of too short Title in Drupal

By BXTra |

It took me a while to look for what I can do to handle longer title. Here is what I did to solve the problem :

Using PHPMyAdmin, in the database under tables"Node" and "Node_revisions", you will find field "Title" with varchar set for 128. Just increase that size. Or you can change datatype to "Text".

This shouldn't be the problem for English only website but this could be a problem for any website running in other languages.