Drupal 7.8 released

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Drupal 7.8, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. A critical bug with the upgrade path, #1164852: (regression) Node bodies display as empty after upgrade to 7.7 from 6.x if the nodes have a language has been addressed in this release, among other critical and major bugs. See the Drupal 7.8 release notes for a full listing. Note: Addresses critical upgrade path issue #1164852: (regression) Node bodies display as empty after upgrade to 7.7 from 6.x if the nodes have a language. The 7.8 release notes have more information for site builders who hit this issue in Drupal 7.7. Changelog The eighth maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Only bugfixes and small API improvements have been committed. No security fixes are included in this release. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 8.0 release. Important note about Drupal 6 -> 7.7 upgrade path for multilingual sites If you: upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.7 had Locale module enabled had created any content after enabling it ...then you would have run across issue #1164852: (regression) Node bodies display as empty after upgrade to 7.7 from 6.x if the nodes have a language and found that your node bodies went missing. This issue has been fixed in 7.8. Restore your Drupal 6 backup and re-run the upgrade path to 7.8, and everything should work. If you cannot roll back, there is an experimental script at http://drupal.org/files/issues/tf_reset-1164852-42.php_.txt which removes language information from every field value and disables language support for every field to address the issue. Some users have reported success with this script, but it is not supported officially and may result in future upgrade issues with field data. Changes since 7.7: #1262360 by larowlan: Add larowlan as forum maintainer. #1008580 by sun, xjm, Jeff Burnz, tim.plunkett: Fixed image references in forum.css. #978944 by Aron Novak, chx, ksenzee: Fixed Handle exceptions thrown in cron. #1125662 by catch, Gábor Hojtsy, bfroehle: Fixed UpdateTestContribCase fails on sites with contrib modules/themes in the filesystem. #1002048 by Akaoni, Boobaa, joosts, sfyn, bfroehle: Fixed Work around move_uploaded_file() issues with safe_mode() and open_basedir(). #1214876 by brianV, Shyamala: Fixed Removing a poll choice doesn't actually work. #943772 by jpsoto, yched, catch, bojanz, pillarsdotnet, steinmb: Fixed field_delete_field() and others fail for inactive fields. #402896 by berdir, catch, andypost, dmitrig01, chx, pounard, sun, sdboyer: introduce DrupalCacheArray and use it for drupal_get_schema(). #1204230 by xjm, sun, yched: Missing hook_field_widget_form_alter(). #1261926 by droplet: remove duplicated CSS. #1124786 by zambrey: fixed notice #1260790 by swentel, Damien Tournoud, klausi: a swentel as shortcut maintainer. #988878 by Shyamala, Dave Reid: system_tokens() references a not initialized variable. #1193044 by Dave Reid: the [file:size] token may not always return in KB, despite description. #1244980 by sven.lauer: hook_menu()'s documentation doesn't include ITEM_to_arg(). #1253298 by bfroehle: PHP Notice with statistics_exit(). #1252696 by larowlan: docblock error with EntityFieldQuery->fieldCondition. #1259096 by Akaoni: cache Bin cache_path() is never cleaned up. #1078176 by franz, agentrickard: block module renders blocks that are set to display on no pages. Path Patch #1213242 by andypost: optimize count(has) quiery. #766170 follow-up by tim.plunkett: Committing CSS file for Overlay RTL styling. #1202416 by xjm, joelstein: Tests for search working with node access turned on. #1164852 follow-up by plach, chx, Boobaa, sun: Fixed critical regression: Node bodies display as empty after upgrade to 7.7 from 6.x if the nodes have a language. #766170 by aspilicious, casey, tsi, xjm: Fixed Overlay lacks rtl styling. #1244784 by marcingy: Fixed Add another answer in edit poll, not saved. Oops. Forgot the new files. #766458 by aspilicious, xjm, Jeff Burnz, tsi: Fixed Seven theme lacks rtl styling. #1112854 by dereine, chx, Damien Tournoud: Fixed Subqueries use wrong arguments. Rollback of #1174602. This is a clean-up patch rather than a bug fix, and could have implications in contrib. #1249132 by aspilicious: Add INSTALL.sqlite.txt in robots.txt. #1238124 by David_Rothstein: Roll-back blue 'save' button in 7.x. #1234834 by catch: Fixed user_update_7006() causes fatal errors when trying to fill 'module' column of permissions table on disabled modules. #939562 by Stevel, bfroehle: Fixed Update fails on contact #7002. #1231856 by lyricnz: Fixed menu_update_7001() breaks when updating from 7.4 or upgrading from D6. #732992 by adrinux, sreynen, David_Rothstein, jensimmons, Damien Tournoud, marcingy, Dave Reid | Sp.Shut: Added Allow filter_xss_admin() to accept HTML5 tags. #1246376 by sun: HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT constant value is not negative. #1078398 by xjm, BayerMeister: Fixed taxonomy_implode_tags() modifies term objects (instead of cloning) and adds extra ' when called multiple times. #198855 by dereine, ainigma32, sun: check_markup() hardcodes cache expiration. #1196318 by James_Stallings: node_last_changed() is lacking doc. #1232722 by peterpoe: drupal_process_states() - doc listing states is not quite right. #1174602 by jn2: Node_block_view() should use render arrays. #1056416 by bfroehle, Devin Carlson: Strings in hook_requirements() api example not using . #1234316 by agi.novanta: fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass:: in forum_node_update() (line 373 of /.../modules/forum/forum.module). #1238124 by Bojhan: the blue 'save' button is gone, bring it back. #1239376 by Dave Reid: .ogg file extension incorrectly mapped to 'application/ogg' in file_default_mimetype_mapping(). #711842 by Devin Carlson: documentation missing for () in taxonomy-term.tpl.php. #1236594 by linclark: node_page_edit() doc has wrong information. #717834 by David_Rothstein, clemens.tolboom, catch: Fixed The dependencies declared in core's hook_update_dependencies() implementations aren't actually correct. #1184082 by googletorp: like queries failing on postgres with standard_conforming_strings() turned on. #1240824 by chx: Add chx as database update system maintainer. #981524 by das-peter, Pisco, sun: Fixed system_date_format_save() doesn't save localized date formats. #1185780 by Damien Tournoud: Fixed Make transactions more flexible and useful. #1235266 by rbayliss: color_scheme_form_submit() has typo in code comment. #1221214 by chx: file_download() returns 404 instead of 403. #1216886 by pounard: _lock_id() shouldn't use drupal_static(), any cache clear would potentially make locks stall. #1224802 by kiamlaluno: DrupalLocalStreamWrapper::stream_open() uses a local variable instead of the argument passed by reference. #1198088 by Jacine: obsolete .clearfix in default taxonomy-term.tpl.php template. #774040 by B-Prod, mattyoung: theme_item_list() function duplicates last value when dealing with children. #1174444 by Boobaa, xjm, Dave Reid: Make the _element_validate_()* functions in field.module available for all contrib modules to use. #1174686 by ksenzee: overlay parent improperly opens child overlay on specific external links. #1226558 by Mark Theunissen: minor typo in docs for function menu_link_get_preferred(). #1228888 by Johnny vd Laar: shortcut_set_unassign_user() deletes in the wrong table. #303189 by Darren Oh, fietserwin, q0rban, bdragon, osopolar, dboulet, Peter Törnstrand: Fixed Tabledrag doesn't hide columns when the whole table is initially hidden. #123983 by TR, klavs: Fixed PHP memory not allowing color scheme change. #1067998 by eporama, amanaplan, ceefour: Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in filter_list_format() (line 675 of /.../modules/filter/filter.module). #1067750 by yched, fago: Let Field API fail in a tale-telling way on invalid . #1177284 by ohnobinki: Fixed Add support to sqlite for char:normal type. #1062040 by droplet: Fixed role page weight title. #1227426 by Mark Theunissen: Fixed variable was removed, but is still being assigned in template_preprocess_maintenance_page(). #1096208 by mr.baileys: Fixed PHP notices when creating menu link '#'. #1194480 by James_Stallings, jhodgdon: Fixed field_default_view() doc has problems. #1209350 by mdupont: Fixed Node access rights doc should mention how to use query tags. #1222802 by franz, droplet, jhodgdon, Krasnyj: Fixed theme_pager_link() doc missing 'text' variable. #1196102 by James_Stallings, jhodgdon: Fixed taxonomy_check_vocabulary_hierarchy() doc lacks return value. #1222794 by gapple, jhodgdon: Fixed drupal_add_css() support for stream wrappers not documented. #1100260 by barbi, massimoi: Fixed Batch operations example needs redirect. #1196116 by James_Stallings, foobar3000: Fixed taxonomy_vocabulary_save() doc needs more detail. #1228920 by pp: Fixed hook_field_extra_fields_alter() functions example code is wrong. #1196108 by James_Stallings, foobar3000: Fixed taxonomy_get_children() return value doc is not complete. #936686 by David_Rothstein, Einewton: Fixed 'Installation failed' errors when installing modules from Update Manager w/ Overlay. #276153 by pwolanin, das-peter: Fixed Testing does not work at all when locale of host session is not English. #1167458 by yoroy, David_Rothstein, dcmistry: New users do not know to click on 'Modules' to extend their site.

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