Drupal 6.20 released

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Drupal 6.20, a maintenance release fixing issues reported through the bug tracking system, is now available for download. There are no security fixes in this release. Upgrading your existing Drupal 6 sites is recommended. Download Drupal 6.20 Here Highlights of changes in this release include settings form inheritance for subthemes, syslog identity configuration support, better update support from Drupal 5, support for the tel: protocol, several fixes to the node translation system, fixes for CSS aggregation with non UTF-8 characters, support for specifying database collation, more complete coverage of HTML entities in entity decoding and various documentation fixes and other smaller bugfixes. In total almost 50 patches were committed to improve Drupal 6.

Update notes

The robots.txt file was changed in this release to allow for uploaded files in /sites/ to be indexed by search engines. See http://drupal.org/node/494462 for more information. The release did not change the .htaccess and (default.)settings.php files however, so you can keep your existing files intact, if you have modifications in them.

Release Notes

The twentieth maintenance release of the Drupal 6 series. Only bugfixes have been committed. No security fixes are included in this release. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 7.0 release.

The complete list of changes committed since Drupal 6.19 are as follows:

  • #494462 by z.stolar: modify robots.txt to give search engine crawlers permission to index content in /sites/*, such as images uploaded to the site
  • #481142 by JohnAlbin, sociotech: theme settings forms were not inherited by sub-themes
  • #764548 by Dave Reid, sun: backport hiding of hidden modules on the modules page, so if projects include hidden modules for testing, those will not confuse users
  • #687674 by jefnguo, rdrh555: fix minor code documentation typo in menu.inc
  • #881540 by bjaspan: make syslog identity configurable on the user interface (instead of hardwired to 'drupal')
  • #280930 by pillarsdotnet, oadaeh, David_Rothstein: fall back on an empty array if hook_schema is not defined for a module
  • #956320: clean up documentation for menu_set_active_trail
  • #903016 by daniels220: path argument was not documented on the arg() function
  • #618280 by daniels220: minor fix to drupal_add_css() documentation to have correct path example
  • #926440 by daniels220: document search_form() return value properly
  • #716348 by grendzy, hefox: document that drupal_get_path(), drupal_load() and drupal_get_filename() can be used with 'profile' as well
  • #767408 by hunmonk: copy semaphore site creation to update_fix_d6_requirements() to solve issues upgrading from any version of Drupal 5
  • #948520 by jhodgdon, mvc: fix formatting in Schema API documentation lists
  • #931304 by subnet_rx, webkenny: backport support for newly popular tel: protocol in filter_xss_bad_protocols()
  • #937508 by amateescu: document the return value of arg() better
  • #505730 by alexanderpas, jhodgdon: document return value of valid_email_address() better
  • #930784 by Jay Matwichuk, daniels220: fix argument name in code documentation for db_add_field()
  • #225950 by mgriego, daniels220, jhodgdon: improve documentation on theme_image()
  • #698248 by andypost: fix notice in cache.inc when $user->cache is not defined
  • #872374 by sender: user_load() can take a uid not just an array; document that properly
  • #942718 by joachim: document where drupal_get_form() arguments end up in form arrays
  • #895858 by dstol: fix documentation of possible $item values in menu_link_save()
  • #379348 by dstol: refine documentation on node_submit()
  • #403034 by Andreas Wolf, roderik: node_assign_owner_action() should use node_get_types('name', ...) to get the name of the node type
  • #829968 by AlexisWilke, andypost: fix drupal_lookup_path() to always return FALSE if the source was not found, not just for the 2nd call onwards
  • #245990 by David_Rothstein, Pedro Lozano, andypost: do not follow any redirections in system_check_http_request() since we only need data on whether HTTP requests worked at all
  • #366768 by druppi, hass, plach, GiorgosK: do not link to unpublished translation nodes, even if user would have access to them (once published)
  • #764234 by yan_nick, Zoltan Balogh and myself: backport width of user filter labels in admin forms; better fit for some translations
  • #971400 by myself, pp: backport change of language source URLs from Drupal 7
  • #809616 by catch, hswong3i: fix notice in menu rebuild
  • #973242 by pp: log type name not properly translated in dblog.module
  • #147000 by pwolanin, mikeytown2, et. al.: avoid multiple, parallel rebuildings of module and theme data
  • #969252 by Dave Reid: save hook_help implementation in upload.module for admin/settings/uploads
  • #993834 by adamgerbert, nenne: fix documentation of return value in do_search
  • #991944 by Jacine: theme_locale_admin_manage_screen() doesn't exist
  • #841134 by daniels220, jhodgdon: file_save_upload() documentation corrections
  • #287647 by bjaspan, lilou, mikejoconnor, cafuego, Déja: cast invalid hook_schema() results into arrays at all times
  • #917670 by mr.baileys, rdrh555: fix documentation for drupal_alter()
  • #357785 by arnoldc, gravalsyr, miro_dietiker, plach: retain the tnid value for new nodes saved, so the node object reflects the database
  • #422218 by salvis, jeremiah.snapp: fix a case in forum module where non forum tids might get picked as the forum topic tid
  • #488166 by EmanueleQuinto, Damien Tournoud, jhodgdon: search relevance calculation fails if last_comment_timestamp is NULL
  • #881132 by HLopes, Garrett Albright: CSS files with non-UTF-8 characters broke CSS optimization
  • #772678 by sun, jpmckinney, Berdir, markus_petrux: no way to specify default collation, entirely depended on database configuration (which might be inappropriate)
  • #212130 by salvis, boydjd, Steven, grendzy, Damien Tournoud: more complete support for unicode entities, to account for previously missing entities in decode_entities()
  • #307636 by zbricoleur, sreynen, quicksketch: fix file identification bug with image file processing on Microsoft IIS
  • Roll back #147000, prevented Drupal from being installed.
  • #986682 by pkiraly: improve code documentation for db_table_exists() and db_column_exists()

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