[HOW-TO] Setup Wireless Repeater (Wireless Ethernet Bridge) on Wireless Router with TomatoUSB by Shibby Firmware


I tested the repeater function with TomatoUSB by Shibby about half an hour ago and to tell the truth, the set up here is so easy. I would say it is a lot easier than DD-WRT

My requirement on this repeater router is just a couple things :

  1. Repeat the same subnet network from the original one
  2. I can connect to Ethernet port on repeater router to use the Internet

The reason I don't use WDS is because WDS is required to set on both host router and repeater router compare to Repeater Ethernet Bridge that is required to set up only on repeater router.

Wireless Client mode also work similar to Wireless Ether Bridge mode but the main different are :

  • Wireless Cllient will use different subnet from the host router and IP address will be assigned by DHCP on repeater router.
  • Wireless Ethernet Bridge will use the same subnet as host router and IP address will be assigned by DHCP on host router.

Here is how I config :

Setup Wireless Ethernet Bridge - IP Address

  • LAN setup, set the IP address to match the host router network so that you can access this router if you need to change anything. With different IP subnet, it will still work but when you need to change anything, you have to manually change your IP to the same subnet to access the router. So, do it now is easier.  Here, I set repeater router as and the host router is

Setup Wireless Ethernet Bridge - Wireless Setup

Setup Wireless Ethernet Bridge - Bridge Mode Setup

  1. Wireless Mode: I set it as Wireless Ethernet Bridge
  2. SSID : Using the same SSID as host router. Here, I set it as TOMATO
  3. Security : Set it exactly the same as host router. Here, I set it as WPA2 Personal

And that's it.  Save and wait for the setting to work as it should. Pretty easy, right?


Test Environment :

  • Asus RT-N12 B1 Wireless N Router
  • TomatoUSB by Shibby build build5x-104-EN (2012.12.01) - tomato-K26-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-104-Max.trx


Hello this works great but the lan ports on the repeater dont work really good
i ca access my topsetbox from a computer thats works but my topsetbox or a computer thats i conected on the repeater don get access to internet . whats wrong

I had a repeater set up with a Asus Rt-N16 as my main router using a Linksys 610N router for the repeater. The Asus firmware and the Linksys dd-wrt worked great. But I wanted to try TomatoUSB so I flashed TomatoUSB vers. 121 on the Asus RT-N16, now I'm having a problem getting the dd-wrt linksys router to work as a repeater. I can see that TomatoUSB does have a repeater bridge option. Any suggestions?

I found this source that has references to dd-wrt repeater mode applications, http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/tutorials/article.php/3655041

Thanks for "How-To" sets bridge on Tomato Shibby :-) It's really working. BTW dudes, don't forget to disable Wireless-MAC-filtering ! That's bound option with wireless access. Otherwise repeater function don't work corretly.

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