Modify zenmagick to support UTF-8

By BXTra |

I just have a chance to play around with ZenMagick, an extension of ZenCart. ZenCart is one of the most popular shopping cart software. After I followed the installation process. everything seems to work fine until I found that ZenMagick doesn't support UTF-8 in the front end. What you have to do to make it support is :

1. Search for this file -> zenmagick\themes\default\lang\english\i18n.php , Open it.
2. Change from 'LC_TIME_LOCALE' => 'en_US.ISO_8859-1', to 'LC_TIME_LOCALE' => 'UTF-8',
3. Change from 'HTML_CHARSET' => 'iso-8859-1', to 'HTML_CHARSET' => 'UTF-8',

After the change, it will looks like below :


        // to format dates
        'DATE_FORMAT' => 'd/m/Y',

        // to parse user input 
        'UI_DATE_FORMAT' => 'dd/mm/yyyy',
        'UI_DATE_FORMAT_SAMPLE' => '16/11/1967',

        // various date/time formats used
        'DATE_FORMAT_LONG' => '%A %d %B, %Y',
        'DATE_TIME_FORMAT' => '%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S',

        'HTML_CHARSET' => 'UTF-8',
        // NOTE: This is *NOT* used in ZenMagick, however zen-cart uses it in some places...
        'HTML_PARAMS' => 'dir="ltr" lang="en"'


That's it. Now, the front end of Zencart + ZenMagick works as UTF-8.

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